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How to Prepare Yourself for a Memorable Homestay Experience

November 23, 2017 Add Comment

If you have landed on this site I assume you have chosen to book a home-stay over a hotel. This is the right time to understand the difference of living in a home-stay versus the conventional stay at a hotel. While home-stays can provide you with an amazing local experience, you must go with a […]

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Common Myths About Homestays in India

May 1, 2017 Add Comment

Homestays in India is not a very old concept. People are still¬†hesitant to opt for it. Here’s a list of the reasons they give, most of which I feel are misconceptions. HOMESTAYS ARE DIFFICULT TO ACCESS Many homestays are located in remote areas away from the crowd, reaching there can be tiresome but living there […]

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Why Choose a Home Stay

April 6, 2017 Add Comment

As a team of photographer and travel writer, we have traveled to the nooks and corners of India. We made connections and built a personal reputation with locals and home stay owners. We also discussed with our friends, fellow travelers and experts about what inspire them to prefer home stay over a hotel. This also […]

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