Mesmerizing Meghalaya

Mesmerizing Meghalaya

The sprawling hills covered in velvety green sheet, the milky white waterfalls pouring down and disappearing somewhere in the gorgeous greens, the amazing living root bridges and the mysterious caves – Meghalaya is undoubtedly the land of wonders. The natural geography of the soft limestone hills and millions of years of rainfall has made way for the hidden gorges, caves and plunging cliffs that makes it a unique place on Earth. The hills of Meghalaya are predominantly inhabited by Garo, Khasi and Jaintia tribes who are extremely healthy people and have rich traditional knowledge of living in harmony with nature. On this trip experience the unmatched beauty of these hills and unique culture of Meghalaya.

Tea Plucking_Hoi Trips-Meghalaya     Root Bridge_Hoi Trips-Meghalaya

The Trail: Shillong – Mawphlang – Cherrapunji – Nongroat – Mawlynnong – Dawki – Shnongpdeng – Shillong


• Stay in Homestays with locals who live in complete harmony with nature. They are known to possess an ancient knowledge of herbal medicines. The tribes of Meghalaya have a unique social framework and are said to be one of the largest surviving matrilineal cultures in the world.

• Hike on the Ancient Khasi Trails. Walk down to village Nongriat through a beautiful forest filled with wild orchids, fruits and butterflies. There are some breathtaking hidden turquoise pools and waterfalls in the forest that you can explore while living in Nongriat.

• Witness the astonishing Living Root bridges that have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They truly are a natural wonder engineered by mankind and executed by nature. It takes around 15 years to grow these bridges and with each passing year, they get stronger.

• Visit and stay at Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong. The educated Khasi community has come together to keep their village exceptionally clean. Houses with front yards filled with flowers and kitchen plants are connected neatly by lanes. 

• Get the real feel of Meghalaya while walking through the Bara Bazar in Shillong. Enjoy the experience of strolling around the narrow lanes beautifully decked with variety of exotic fruits and vegetables, spices, local snacks, dried fish and meat; lively people, mostly ladies, selling and buying stuff.

• Try Local Cuisine. Meghalaya food is unique. It includes rice and vegetable curries or fish and meat cooked in typical style. The popular dishes are Jadoh, Ki Kpu, Nakham Bitchi, Tung-rymbai, and pickled bamboo shoots.

• Explore the age old limestone and sandstone caves where art and science fuse to form some of the most extraordinary mysterious structures. Also witness the beauty of Gushing waterfalls including Nohkalikhai, Krangsuri, Seven sisters, and Elephant falls.

• Join the Festivals of Meghalaya and be a part of their celebration. Nongkrem Dance, Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem, Cherry blossom festival, Wine festival are just a few of them. Contact us for this year’s schedule.

Nohkalikhai Falls_Hoi Trips-Meghalaya     Dawki_Hoi Trips-Meghalaya

Cost: 17,900/- pp (for a group of min 4)
Includes: Transportation, 8D/7N Accommodation and Breakfast &Dinner 

The money you pay for this trip has a direct social, economical and environmental benefit to locals.

1. Itinerary and duration can be customized to meet your exact requirement.
2. The Cost may vary according to the Itinerary and accommodation.
3. Detailed Itinerary and other information will be shared only with the potential customer.

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