Homestays of India is actively involved in providing alternate livelihoods to people in remote locations and supporting local communities through homestays and tourism development.


Having traveled to the remotest places and witnessing life’s difficulties, we have come across and heard stories of Life Impacting Medical Emergencies. That is a real cause of concern for the locals, as access to medical facilities are limited and many a times too far to respond in time. The thought that someone, somewhere, will lose a loved one due to lack of access to medical facilities or perhaps a lack of knowledge of how to respond appropriately to a medical emergency, is what spurred us to launch a unique social endeavor – SEHAT KI SHALA.



Sehat ki Shala

SEHAT KI SHALA concept seeks to create a Self Help Model which empowers the local populace to take care of themselves in case of medical or natural emergencies. This is a model which we plan to carry forward and replicate across other village. We will ensure the quality of life is improved and also eradicate the fear in people’s mind about how to respond to a sudden medical emergency.

Project Sunkiya

Homestays of India in association with Humjoli Foundation is adopting a quaint little village Sunkiya. Its located 3 km from Bhatelia market of Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand where the nearest hospital is 60 kms away for a population of approx 2500 people. A professional team of medicos and volunteers will visit Sunkiya and demonstrate how elementary knowledge, preparedness and presence of mind, can help them to respond and act with confidence during medical emergencies.

Dates: 29-30 Oct, 2019

The Mission: To EDUCATE & EQUIP the local youth and capable adults with basic yet vital skills, and facilitate a process that makes them self -reliant in terms of their basic healthcare and medical needs. The point that we seek to make is even non-medicos can help save a life during an emergency like heart attack, stroke, burns, bites, drowning, choking, accidents etc.
In addition to this, a high quality inventory of first aid material, OTC medication and basic monitoring instruments such as Blood Pressure Machine, Thermometers, Glucometers etc. will be created with the aim to make the people of Sunkiya, self-sufficient and self-reliant in terms of their own healthcare.

• First Aid
• Medical Emergency Response
• Disaster Management
• Quick Response to Natural Calamities
• Fundamentals of Health & Personal Hygiene

• The importance of Personal Care and Hygiene
• The best practices to follow during Menstruation
• Do’s and dont’s in ‘those 5 days’
• The ideal method of Sanitary Waste Disposal
• An interactive sessions about common health issues such as Menopause, Dietary Concerns, Reproductive Health, Contraception, Pre and post- natal care etc.

They will be provided one year’s supply of Sanitary Napkins.

If you feel strongly about the cause and want to impact people’s life, help us to buy long term Medical Inventory, Equipments and a year’s supply of Sanitary Napkins. Please Click to Contribute

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