“There are hotels for tourists, and then there are homes for travelers”

Over the past decade, the concept of a homestay has been gaining popularity throughout India. It literally means to ‘stay’ in someone’s ‘home’. Living in a homestay during your travels enables you to have a very enriching and immersive experience. These are mostly social and informal settings where interaction with your hosts and co-travelers plays a large role. Homestay owners host their spaces in many different ways, which makes each homestay experience unique and full of discovery.

HOMESTAYS OF INDIA is a platform for travelers from across the world who wish to explore India while living with locals, understanding their life and culture.


  1.  To provide a platform to those Home Stays who are located in heavenly places and need more visibility to the travel world.
  2.  To provide information to the Traveler who is looking for advice, tips and way to find a good Home Stay in India.
  3. To connect the Traveler with the Home Stay.
  4.  To upgrade the quality of homestays in India and help them to grow.



The idea of organizing homestays of India came to our mind in Spiti while staying in a remote village. This guy had no phone or internet connection. Obvious question was, how do people reach you? By word of mouth, he answered. But what if someone reaches here and you have no vacancy? There was a silence in reply. We know he will accommodate him somewhere but won’t be able to provide a room.

Homestays has a huge potential to grow and contribute in Indian tourism. They just need to be educated and trained in hospitality, cooking, cleanliness and for a better life. They just need to be connected with the outer world. This is where we can play an important role. First of all we can create a platform to bring travellers and homestays together. So this website came in existence. This will help a traveler to book online and the homestay will get frequent traffic. Next we will send different teams to train them in cooking and hospitality. He will join hand with NGOs to spread awareness for cleanliness and hygiene. This will surely bring them more tourism and make their life better.


Vinod Verma: After leaving his hotel job overnight, the first thing on his mind was Travel. To fulfill it he learnt photography and after 12 years’ experience, now he is better known as a Travel Photographer, working for various travel magazines and travel guides. He is a combo of traveller, biker, photographer and hotelier, ready to give rest of his life to Homestays of India.

Shailza Sood Dasgupta: This free bird managed to work with corporates like Google and McKinsey for about 7 years but finally broke the cage and chose to travel. Her travel stories started making space in reader’s heart and in no time she became a popular Travel Blogger. During a coffee table project she met Vinod and both became a team. She aims to teach people to become a traveller rather than a tourist and keep this world beautiful.