1. Authentic Travel Experience
Our itineraries are curated to provide you with a deeper exploration and an authentic cultural travel experiences. Our first hand knowledge of the place is unmatched.

2. Local flavor
India has rich cuisine. Staying with locals gives you a chance to try authentic traditional food which you cherish for life.

3. Responsible Tourism
By staying at a homestay, you support sustainability and contribute to the livelihood of the local community. You leave lesser carbon footprint to help the environment too.

4. Value for Money
The most important reason to choose HOI is of course the value for money. Be it stay, travel, food, guide or any kind of experience, we use local resources; hence our trips come at a reasonable price.

5. Expert Team
Our research team includes travel photographers, writers, wild lifers and community builders. It ensures that we are constantly refining our programs, taking traveling to new heights.

6. Your Safety is our Priority
Our local network is our strength. No matter where you are, you are in safe hands.

You don’t just travel with HOI, you celebrate life!


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