Together we can change the travel ecosystem!

At HOI we understand that the way people travel has immensely changed post pandemic. Now instead of popular tourist destinations, they prefer to go to offbeat remote locations and like to stay in smaller standalone units like homestays rather than hotels and resorts. We also realize that it’s a challenge to find good and reliable options for your trusted clients.  Partnering with HOI will help you fulfill the changing needs of your clients in every respect. Leverage our tried and tested network of authentic homestays and trained drivers to bridge the gaps and create exclusive offerings for your clients.

Your benefits as an HOI Partner

1. Access to over 700 Tried and Tested Authentic Family Run Homestays Across India – We have a network of 700 homestays across 28 states in India and its increasing everyday.
2. Assured Quality Stay for your Clients – We are a trusted brand in the field and boast of high guest and host satisfaction. So increase the number of your happy and satisfied guests.
3. Immersive Local Experiences – Owing to our huge local network, we can help you design the itineraries that include exclusive experiences that only locals can provide.
4. Fleet of Trusted Local Drivers – We have a trusted fleet of local drivers, so you do not have to worry about transfers and local transportation of your clients.
5. Exclusivity in the Area – HOI will not empanel any other agency within 10 kms.