‘Homestays of India’ is a platform exclusively dedicated to promote homestays across India.​ We aim to provide travelers a unique cultural experience and work towards developing local community while preserving their heritage, culture and traditions.



Staying in a homestay gives an enriching and immersive experience. Live in an informal setting and get an opportunity to interact with hosts and co-travelers, experience the local culture & traditions and taste India’s rich cuisine prepared by locals. Homestay owners host their spaces in many different ways, which makes each homestay experience unique and full of discovery.



‘Homestays of India’ aims at reducing migration from Indian villages. Not only do we provide the alternate livelihood to the host families through homestays but also support the local communities. We engage local staff and use local resources. The women of the house is encouraged to involve actively in managing the homestay. We also train the hosts in various aspects of hospitality, guest handling, cooking, hygiene, adopting eco-friendly practices etc. The youth of the area are also trained in tourism activities so that they get the employment opportunities in the village itself and do not have to go to the cities in search of jobs. We work actively with locals to create outlets for local produce and handicrafts to boost the local economy.


Vinod Verma: After leaving his hotel job overnight, the first thing on his mind was Travel. To fulfill it he learnt photography and after 12 years’ experience, he has now established himself as a Travel Photographer. He works for various travel magazines and travel guides. He is a traveller, biker, photographer and hotelier, ready to dedicate rest of his life to Homestays of India.

Shailza Sood Dasgupta: This free bird managed to work with companies like Google and McKinsey for 7 years but finally broke the cage and chose to travel. Her travel stories started making space in reader’s heart and in no time she became a popular Travel writer. She aims to make this world a better place by educating people to travel responsibly and keep this world beautiful.


The team was recently awarded the National Business Leadership Award for exemplary work in the field of Travel and Tourism. It is an acknowledgment of the quality and the authenticity of the homestay experience that the team strive to bring to every single customer from all over the world.

“Thanks to all the wonderful homestay owners who have put in their belief and trust in us and all our customers who took our word for it, went out and experimented and experienced life in a Homestay!”

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