Be a Responsible Host

Hosting is an enriching experience, but it comes with a certain level of commitment and responsibility. Here are some ways you can be a responsible host.

Room and Appliances: Before the guest checks in please ensure the room is clean and in perfect condition. Also ensure that appliances you are providing in the guest room like AC, heaters, electric kettle etc. are all in working condition.

Safety: Make a list of local emergency numbers like nearest hospital, police station, fire station etc. and also your number and keep it handy, preferably in the guest’s room.

Privacy: Always be mindful of your guests’ privacy.

Smoking: If you don’t allow smoking in your home please post signs to remind guests. If you do allow smoking, ensure you have ashtrays available in designated areas.

House Rules: If you have any rules of the house like time to be back at night, smoking areas, meal timings etc. please make a list and place it at the back of the door or somewhere where a guest can easily see it. It’s also a good idea to brief him when he checks in.

Pets: If you allow pets, ensure guests are educated about things like local parks and the neighborhood.


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