Sainj Valley Homestay

Suhana Homestay -The hidden Jewel of Himachal’s Sainj Valley
I was awestruck when I first visited this place called Dehuri in Sainj Valley. My stay was for a week in Suhana homestay as I planned to work from a remote location after my vacation. You get all necessary facilities to work from this place, excellent mobile network, WiFi, no power interruption and icing on the cake, beautiful views around you from all the rooms, Dining, Living room etc.
I knew people from mountains are good at hosting, but believe me Kishori bhai from Suhana Homestay is way ahead than just hosting, they really take care of you well, giving attention to detail for everything that is asked during the stay. Food was traditionally prepared Himachali cuisine everyday for your breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Incase if you want to prepare some food yourself, you will be provided with a beautiful open kitchen surrounding the mountains that gives an extra flavours to your sumptuous food. I often used this facility and cooked Trout fish, Mutton Biryani, Tawa Chicken and some times Pulav and shared it with hosts too – just giving back as a toke of remembrance or just to show off your culinary skills of a Hyderabadi 😊-
The meadow and the view from Himachali Mannequin is so out of the world, that you would go there atleast once in a day and sit back watching the deodari trees that forms into a forest. Location is spell bounding and your heart goes lighter everytime you pass by the stupendous apple orchids in the village. I was lucky to witness the progressive apple harvesting process, right from spraying, plucking, grading, packing and settling the entire process. Lastly, this place is pet friendly and you see so many of the bulky Himalayan dogs watching over the village. Here, we have a tigerly appearing paw friend Dozer that walks you through short hikes and is extremely helpful in the apple orchards to keep the monkeys and birds away during the harvest.
I can write and talk about this place for more than a few papers/few days, but I want you to experience this place as is. What more to expect when you have a friendly host? I call this home away from home in true senses. I was never late to any of my business calls, on time with all works performed, truly a break through for all the time spent at home during the pandemic days.