The place has amazing views

This place has a very homely vibe and the people here are so kind and deeply rooted to their culture that you will feel like you are around your Family. The place has amazing views, Short treks, all facilities and to top it all the most delicious local Himachali food I’ve ever had. I’m so glad that I got to meet Rittam bhaiya and his family, he is such a helpful person he also made sure we reach and depart from the property safely and also helped us with bus booking, cab booking, booking stays at diff places and many moreee he is just an all rounder. They welcomed us with Himachali topi and Buransh juice(local flower), bhabhi also made me wear pattu(Himachali attire). The property itself is so beautiful and with cold nights in bonfire, food made with love and best vibes around non -judgemental people you won’t feel like leaving, which made me come back again before leaving for mumbai :p celebrated new years at this awesome stay with the best people

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