We fell in love with it

The moment we set eyes on this place, we fell in love with it.
The warmth, the aesthetics, the serenity, the magnificent nature surrounding this place, the authentic Himachali food that’s difficult to find elsewhere, the team that pampered us to no end and last but not the least, the host who made us feel right at home, Ishan.

Ishan has put in a lot of love and labour to make this place the way it is and it shows. He gives his guests full attention, just like a family member. We will always remember evenings spend with beautiful himachali music in background, having wonderful conversations with him. His taste in music is exquisite and that adds to the aura of this place.

Thanks so much Ishan and team for providing us with another place we can call home in Himachal, can’t wait to be back. We wish you nothing but the best, sending much love your way.

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