Experiencing Homestays In India

Sometimes when you sit back and ponder about life, don’t you at times think – WHAT IF? Yes what if you were able to lead a lifestyle that is totally different from the one you have just now? Maybe just for a few days, yes, but wouldn’t that be like opening a secret door to a whole new world? A world of defining moments for the body, mind and soul? And that very secret door is the door of every Homestay across India! Yes that is what staying at a Homestay is truly all about. Read on to know why choose to stay in Homestays in India.


Stay With Welcoming Host Family

It’s not just about the roof over your head, or the food on your plate. Instead it is all about “The Way Of Life”. A fellow human, a kindred soul, who has perhaps never ever seen you in his life before, invites you step across the threshold of HIS home, and make it YOUR home!

Think about it, what a heartfelt gesture that truly is. His family, his kin, even the pets, everyone will accept you. First into their home and then into their hearts. And that is when the magic of a Homestay is truly discovered, experienced and then treasured for a lifetime.

With host at Spangmik Homestay
Host Dolma With Guest at Spangmik Homestay, Ladakh

There is a certain warm vibe you can feel with everyone and everything around you. It makes you smile so much you start feeling silly! A sense of carefree abandon possesses you because you live life that way. A life of simplicity free from every pretense. Maybe that is why we should start giving these Homestays their due. These homes deserve to be noticed, talked about and visited because they bring us back to our roots. There is life everywhere around you and you suddenly start noticing things you felt you would never see!


Boost Local Economy

Guests with weavers at Diezephe Homestay Nagaland
Weavers With Guests at Diezephe Homestay Nagaland

Imagine the difference your visit would be making to the life and economic well-being of a family. What you pay for your stay is actually just a very small sum when compared to our living standards in a city. However for them it makes a big difference. And when you visit a Homestay, you are also directly impacting and helping the market and small businesses that flourish around your visit. Small handicraft makers, local fruit sellers, a sightseeing guide, the vegetable seller, the grocer, the rickshaw puller or the rent a cycle shop, everyone somehow or the other benefits. Every rupee counts for them. And what you will get in exchange are a whole lot of smiles, laughter, stories, juicy gossip, tips on how to bargain and also insider info on where to get the best locally brewed liquor and even the best quality dope! How cool is that!


Learn New Skills

Oh and you are also encouraged to try your hand at making things locally. Like maybe weave a basket or a garment. Make a clay pot. Learn to play a musical instrument. Get to try your hand at farming. And you can even potter around in the kitchen and learn to cook food the local way. Who knows what recipes you could learn? And you could even learn the local language which can be quite a fun thing, when you try to pronounce it while talking to the local people who will even laugh along with you and correct you.




Amazing Locations

And of course not forgetting the most important Freebies you get if you choose to stay in Homestays – fresh air, acres of open space, snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows, babbling brooks, stunning sunrises and sunsets, star spangled skies – all this absolutely free!

Breathe fresh air while living at Naddi Homestay
Enjoy Mesmerizing Landscapes, Naddi Homestay, Himachal


You will be experiencing life differently and also help changing lives. What better way to spend a vacation, isn’t it?


Contributed by Brian Phillips


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