Top 10 Eco Friendly Homestays of India You Must Try

In recent years, there has been a growing concern worldwide about the impact of traditional tourism on the environment. As travelers become more conscious of their carbon footprint and strive to make sustainable choices, the demand for eco-friendly accommodations has skyrocketed. India, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, has emerged as a hub for eco-friendly homestays that not only offer delightful experiences to travelers but also contribute significantly to environmental conservation by adopting sustainable practices that minimize their negative impact on the surrounding ecosystems. 

In this blog, we are sharing with you information on some of India’s best eco-friendly homestays that have been instrumental in saving the environment through the promotion of sustainable living practices.

#1. Darima Homestay – Mukteshwar

Classic room-Darima-Boutique-Homestay Washroom-Darima-Boutique-Homestay Family-Suite-4-Darima-Boutique-Homestay
Nestled amidst the pine and Rhododendron forest in Kumaon hills, the Darima homestay exemplifies sustainable living. Constructed using locally sourced eco-friendly materials, such as recycled wood and stones, this charming cottage offers breathtaking views without compromising on comfort. Embrace nature by exploring the verdant forests, indulge in organic farm-to-table meals, and learn about sustainable practices from the host Sachin. Little things in the homestay like use of matka for drinking water, lawn furniture made of left over wooden planks, shows the passion of the host for sustainable living.
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#2. Cosmos Farmstay – Jaipur

The-Room-Cosmos Farmstay, Gujaro ki Dhani-Jaipur Common-sitting-Cosmos Farmstay, Gujaro ki Dhani-Jaipur Decorated-Wall-Cosmos Farmstay, Gujaro ki Dhani-Jaipur
Situated near Jaipur, this homestay provides an immersive eco-friendly experience. It seamlessly combines traditional Rajasthani living with sustainable practices. Solar-powered water heaters, organic gardens, and waste management techniques are some of the eco-friendly initiatives adopted here. Engage in organic farming, interact with local communities, and savor authentic regional cuisine for a truly eco-conscious yet memorable stay.
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#3. Chandaka Eco Homestay Bhubaneshwar

Jingle-Bell_Chandaka-Homestay-Bhubaneswar Local-Cuisine_Chandaka-Homestay-Bhubneswar Happy-Guest_Chandaka-Homestay-Bhubaneswar
Spread across one acre farm, this eco-friendly wilderness homestay is located on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar near Chandka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary. The cottages are constructed from locally available material and mimics traditional tribal architecture. The hosts believe in Sustainable Tourism and Community Development. Drip irrigation, rain water harvesting and no showers in the rooms are just a few of the ways in which they save and recharge ground water. They have local villagers come and work at the homestay.
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#4. Rising Sun – Kanatal

SunSet-Rising-Sun-Eco-Homestay-Kanatal Dinner-Rising-Sun-Eco-Homestay-Kanatal Washbasin-Rising-Sun-Eco-Homestay-Kanatal
Located in the serene surroundings amidst Pine, Oak and Rhododendron forest in Kanatal, this rustic farmstay provides an enriching experience while supporting rural communities. These charming cottages reflect the traditional architecture of Kumaon region, employing sustainable practices like rainwater harvesting and organic farming. Engage in village walks, interact with locals, and savor traditional delicacies prepared using locally sourced ingredients.
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#5. Nature’s Melody Homestay – Kasaragod

Nature's Melody Homestay - Kasaragod Dinning-Nature's Melody Homestay - Kasaragod Garden-area-Nature's Melody Homestay - Kasaragod
Nestled in one of the most remote parts of northern Kerala in a tiny village in Kasaragod, this eco-stay is surrounded by farmland. It offers a cozy and peaceful stay in lush green surroundings wrapped in natural beauty and fresh air. It is carefully curated in an eco-friendly environment set in the backdrop of sunlit forest. With the exotic flora and fauna here and nature’s acoustic music you can leave your worries and, figuratively speaking, let your hair loose.
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#6. Happy Harvest Homestay – Gangtok

Happy Harvest Farmstay-Kalimpong Domestic-Cows-Happy Harvest Farmstay, Ranipool - Gangtok Vegetables-Happy Harvest Farmstay, Ranipool - Gangtok
It is a fully organic farm across 2 acres of land located in Ranipool, a little rural town situated near Gangtok. Staying in touch with the environment and its surroundings, the rooms are made with natural building materials which blends in perfectly with the scenery lending it a rustic and earthy vibe. It is also worth noting that the farm stay follows the principles of permaculture, wherein growing your own food, creating zero waste, creating your own resources, maintaining biodiversity, integrating rather than segregating, etc. are practiced for sustainable land use design.
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#7. Nature’s Bliss Homestay – Kamshet

Bathroom-1-Nature's Bliss Organic Farmstay-Kamshet Living-1-Nature's Bliss Organic Farmstay-Kamshet Living-Nature's Bliss Organic Farmstay-Kamshet
Around 45 kms from Pune, this artistically built place with uniquely designed interiors, is situated on 4.5-acre land in Kamshet, a picturesque hill station in Western Ghats. It is filled with fruit and flower trees. The house is energy efficient made on the model of sustainable development, that supports an environment-friendly lifestyle, without sacrificing comforts. There is a natural stream, a lotus pond, a tennis court, and an open dining space with a kitchen. They grow their own organic rice, wheat, maize, groundnut, soy and vegetables. Staying here is an experience in itself.
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#8. Parsatola Ecostay – Kanha

BedRoom4_Parsatola-Homestay-Kanha    Kitchen2_Parsatola Ecostay-Kanha    Dinning_Parsatola Ecostay-Kanha
This solar powered jungle eco-stay is spread across 3.78 acres of typical Kanha woodland.  The layout of the land is unaltered and in its natural condition. The overall effect is that of being in the jungle.  There is a 4 KV solar power plant; and it boasts of being the only pure solar powered tourism project in India. It is built in traditional mud and brick style and a high and heavy gauge metal roof has been thatched with a local grass which regulates the temperature and keeps things cool in the summer.
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#9. Healing Touch Homestay, Madikeri – Coorg

River-Healing Touch Homestay-Coorg Exterior-1-Healing Touch Homestay-Coorg Indoor-Game-Healing Touch Homestay-Coorg
This homestay is located around 10km from Madikeri in Suntikoppa, in the heart of the scenic and biologically diverse Sahyadri Mountain range. Surrounded by lush greenery with soothing sound of birds and water stream, it is an ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate amidst nature. Engage in wildlife excursions, interact with local communities, and savor authentic regional cuisine for a truly eco-conscious yet memorable stay.
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#10. Ode-to-Sustainable-Living Homestay – Almora

Exterior-3-Ode to Sustainable Living Homestay-Almora Fresh-Vegetable-Ode to Sustainable Living Homestay-Almora Varandah-Sitting-Ode to Sustainable Living Homestay-Almora
This beautifully constructed homestay in a tiny village of Almora offers a luxurious eco-friendly retreat. This unique property combines luxury with sustainability, utilizing solar energy, rainwater harvesting, and recycling methods. Besides enjoying luxurious amenities, guests can partake in yoga sessions, explore organic gardens, and relish farm-to-table vegetarian delights.
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