15 Pocket Friendly Homestays Near Delhi to Enjoy Snowfall

Imagine enjoying stargazing on a chilled night and chatting around a bonfire. And the next morning when you wake up the whole valley is covered in white sheet of snow as if some fairy has waived her magic wand at night and magic dust in the form of light fluffy snowflakes is still floating in the air.  This is how one of your mornings can look like this winter. 

If you want to celebrate this winter in gorgeous snowy landscapes watching snowfall for real, it is the perfect time to start thinking about it. To help you plan, here’s the list of homestays in Himachal and Uttarakhand that are ideal to experience snow without being disturbed by the touristy crowd.

#1. Mountain Breeze – Jibhi, Himachal

Winter-Mountain Breeze Homestay-Jibhi

Located in the dense greens of Banjaar Valley, around 100 kms before Manali Jibhi, it is a beautiful stand-alone cottage located in the midst of pine forest. Soak in the beauty of the place in a relaxed manner while you witness the green valley transforming into a white wonder. Snowfall is expected in the months of January and February. Begin your mornings with the perfect sunrise by the stream, indulge in a hearty breakfast, and explore the surroundings covered under the beautiful white silk blanket. 
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#2. Winter Delight Homestay – Shimla, Himachal

SunRise-Winter Delight Homestay-Shimla

There cannot be a better place to enjoy the essence of winters than Shimla. Surrounded by dense deodar forest, it is a thoughtfully built home overlooking the Shivalik Ranges. It is a delight to stay here in winters with warm rays of sun cozying up the house. Blessed with magnificent hill views, deep valleys and many unexplored forest trails nearby, it is undoubtedly a piece of paradise.
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#3. The Hidden Jewel Homestay – Khangsar, Lahaul, Himachal

Khangsar Homestay - Lahaul

Situated in the Lahaul valley beyond Atal Tunnel, the homestay is located in Khangsar, 10 kms from Sissu at a short diversion from the Manali Leh highway. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains on every side with the magnificent view of mighty Himalayan Glaciers. 
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#4. Path to Paradise – Jilling, Uttarakhand

Winter-View-Path to Paradise-Jilling

Wrapped in pristine nature, it is a dreamy mountain home tucked away in an untouched forest of Jilling. Getting to this paradise requires a 20-25 mins hike up from the road head through a pine and oak forest. As you hike up the walking trail, the world around you completely transforms; the surroundings become much greener, the chirping of the birds gets louder and the feeling of being one with nature takes over. This unique cottage is like an extension of nature and provides a perfect opportunity to disconnect from the rest of the world and connect deeply with your mind, body and soul. 
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#5. Beyond The Valley Homestay – Banjar, Himachal

Exterior-1-Beyond The Valley Homestay-Banjar

For a winter wonderland experience straight out of a fairytale, head to this traditionally built Himalayan homestay in Banjar. This blessedly peaceful hamlet is surrounded by lush green Pine and Cedar forests. During winter months of December and January it is covered in white fluffy snow. Bunk in the homestay that overlooks gorgeous white peaks, warm your feet by the fireplace and enjoy unlimited cups of hot tea or coffee. And if you feel adventurous and want to indulge in winter sports, Solang valley is not very far from here. 
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#6. Mountains and Beyond Homestay – Kanatal, Uttarakhand

Winter-1-Mountains & Beyond Homestay -Kanatal

Enjoy the peace and the stunning views of snow covered mountains and valley from this lovely homestay located in  on Mussoorie-Chamba road. Enjoy breathtaking views of snow capped Himalayan ranges and fresh mountain breeze, explore the nature trails and sit by the mountain stream. For the adventure lovers, host can help you organise snow treks. 
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#7. Narkanda Homestay, Himachal


Located just about 60 km from Shimla, this stand alone homestay in Narkanda offers a bounty of experiences. Whether you are looking for a place where you can sit back and soak in the serene surroundings or you want to indulge in some adventure activities, this is the place. Narkanda is popular for being one of the best skiing destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The skiing point is just 3kms away from the homestay. Indulge in snow-related sports and other activities in the midst of a snow-capped landscape. And if you do not want to step out in the cold, just enjoy the valley draped in white, with little flakes of happiness everywhere.
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#8. Sunkiya Homestay – Uttarakhand

Sunkiya Homestay - Mukteshwar

There’s no better time to visit this little hamlet than winter when the entire landscape is carpeted by a blanket of snow. This cozy homestay in village Sunkiya gives guests a chance to reconnect with nature leaving busy city life behind. Comfortable rooms open up to the fruit orchard and the lush Valley. You can also indulge in winter treks through the deciduous forests and pines, as you make your way to the viewpoints to catch a glimpse of the Nanda Devi peak. 
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#9. Jagoti Homestay – Mashobra, Himachal

Mashobra Homestay - Shimla

Snuggled in woods away from the city, this beautiful homestay is located in Mashobra, hardly half an hour drive from the Mall Road Shimla. With picturesque surroundings, it has an open terrace offering an amazing view of snow clad mountains and sunrise. And during winters it gives a gorgeous view of the whole valley covered in snow. The region gets heavy snowfall in the months of late December and January.
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#10. Dal Lake Homestay – Naddi, Himachal

Winter-Dal Lake Homestay-Naddi

About a 45-minute drive from Kangra Valley’s scenic airport through the pines brings you to this comfortable homestay located in Naddi. Snuggle up with a book in cozy beds ; sip on a warm drink at the terrace overlooking Dhauladhars; or go out on local trails and play around with fresh snow in the fields. The place is ideal if you are looking to enjoy winter vacation. And if the cold doesn’t inhibit you from stepping out, the host can organise some sight-seeing as well for you. You can also hop on to the Maggi point and savour the majestic view of mountain peaks and valleys when the white snow blankets the town during the winter months. 
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#11. Saryo Homestay – Kalpa, Himachal

Saryo Homestay - Kalpa

If you’re looking to enjoy the snow and serenity of the Himalayas, this is the place to be. Surrounded by apple orchards, it is a beautiful villa located 10 mnt walk from Kalpa market. The views of the Kinner Kailash from here are exquisite, and the clear winter skies ensure great visibility too. To add to this, you can enjoy traditional Himachali food. The host himself is a very good cook. The place is well-connected yet not crowded with usual tourists. The town is covered in snow from November to March. This place will be full of snow much before Shimla or Manali. The natural beauty of the place is truly mesmerizing.
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#12. Sethan Homestay – Hamta Valley, Himachal

Winter-2-Sethan Homestay-Hamta

Just 12 kms from Manali, this homestay is located on the top of a hill in a small village Sethan in Hamta valley. It is covered in snow from Dec till March. Wake up to the view of the sun-kissed snow-covered Dhauladhar peaks; spend the day enjoying skiing and snowboarding on the snowy slopes; or just watching the happy kids running around and tumbling over one another in snow to their heart’s content. And to add on to this happiness is the hospitality of the cheerful couple, Sagar and Deepshikha. If the weather is good, you could enjoy some spectacular sunsets and sunrises as well.
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#13. Chaukori Homestay, Uttarakhand

Chaukori Homestay-Pithoragarh

Enjoy the natural surroundings covered with crystal white snow while you are still in bed at this peaceful village homestay set in the middle of a dense pine forest with a backdrop of snow covered Himalayan peaks in Chaukori in Uttarakhand. While staying here you can experience winter like never before. Go on idyllic walks and indulge in some fun snowball fights, spend some time sitting in the middle of the pine forests and enjoy the most breathtaking views of the mountains covered with snow or listen to the hill stories from your host while sitting next to the mud oven to keep you warm. 
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#14. Gateway to Himalayas Homestay – Manali, Himachal

Haripur Homestay - Manali

If your idea of a winter break is all about hunkering down in a cosy cottage, with crackling wood fires and warm hospitality, head to this lovely cottage located just 5 min walk from mall road. Nestled in an Apple and Plum orchard with an unobstructed 360 degrees view of mighty Himalayas, this tastefully done homestay has it all that is required for a relaxing winter holiday. Wonderful homely food will do justice to your winter appetite. 
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#15. Kalgha Homestay – Parvati Valley, Himachal

Outdoor Tea-Kalgha Homestay-Parvati Valley

Spend some relaxing days snuggled in this cozy homestay in small village Kalgha on a forested hill near Kasol in Parvati valley. The village is surrounded by snow-clad mountains on all sides and the gushing Parvati River in front of it. The winter months start from November, transforming this lush green village into a mystical place which looks more like fiction than reality. A 20 min snow trek will bring you to this little heaven. It won’t be a surprise if you have a little piece of mountain covered in snow all to yourself as not many people visit the place in winters. The valley is draped in white, with little flakes of happiness everywhere. 
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