Top 10 Stand-Alone Homestays in the Hills near Delhi

In today’s scenario it has become very important that we choose our travel destinations and stay options wisely. Nothing can be better than stand-alone homestays which are located amidst nature, far from the crowd with ample open spaces. We have put together a list of top 10 stand-alone homestays in the hills that provide you a unique experience and are perfect for a quick getaway. Each one of them has a different story and a character of its own.

1. Mirai Homestay – Dwarahat

An easy walk of 700 mt will take you to this is a traditional village home, made of mud and stone, started by a young enterprising local guy Nirmal Rana along with his mother Kunti Devi. It is located in serene surroundings of Malli Marai village near Dwarahat in Almora, Uttarakhand. Nirmal is determined to develop his village and make it a tourist village.
Get involved in organic farming, pick vegetables and herbs from the garden and see them getting cooked for you in Kumaoni style and sleep on the Charpoy; live like a local for some days and experience healthy village life. Go for birding, hiking, cycling and forest walks. Beautiful hill stations like Ranikhet , Almora and Kausani can be explored while staying here.

Tariff: 1000/- Per Person
Includes: Breakfast, Dinner, Morning and Evening tea
Distance from Delhi: 385 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladungi – Bhowali – Almora – Dwarhat – Mirai
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2. Kanarkha Homestay – Padampuri

A moderate trek of around 30 minutes will take you to this beautiful Kumaoni home located in a small village Kanarkha. And if you don’t like to walk that much you will be picked up by a horse. Ride all the way to the homestay while enjoying the green vistas. It is home to a kumaoni joint family of Daya Kishan Dani who is native to this place and is involved in farming. Daya used to work in a resort from where once some guests came for lunch to his place to see kumaoni village life and taste local cuisine. They loved it so much here that they encouraged Daya to start a homestay. Since then he is welcoming guests. The warm welcome of this joint family will immediately make you feel like home. It is a perfect place to experience kumaoni local life.

Tariff: 1050/- Per Person
Includes: Breakfast, Morning and Evening tea
Distance from Delhi: 323 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladungi – Kathgodam –  Padampuri – Kanarkha
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3. Nathuakhan Homestay

Home to Devika aunty, it is a tastefully done cottage atop a hill amidst Apple Peach and Plum trees in the lower reaches of Kumaon Hills. She has put her heart and soul into making this home a dream place. She has employed local ladies to help her take care of the homestay and the guests. In fact an all-women team runs the show here. The supplies for the kitchen come from her organic farm that grows everything from vegetables and fruits to herbs. Not just the delicious elaborate meals and tastefully done interiors but also the wide range of books and music collection, the cozy sitting corners and the beautiful lawn makes it a place you would want to spend days relaxing at.

Tariff: 2500/- Per Person
Includes: Breakfast, Morning and Evening tea
Distance from Delhi: 339 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladungi – Haldwani – Bhimtal – Bhowali – Ramgarh – Nathuakhan
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4. Sunkiya Homestay

​A pleasant walk of around 300 mt through Oak and Rhododendron forest will take you to this cozy little homestay in Sunkiya village near Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand. Pooran Singh Dangwal developed this sustainable hideaway for city people who wish to stay in peace amidst nature and want to experience the slow way of living. He is a farmer who is practicing traditional organic farming from ages and takes pride in introducing guests to the simple life of the Himalayan village. Soak in the silence of the place, enjoy farm fresh organic food cooked with pahadi herbs and just relax. You may also get involved in farm activities, go for a village walk or hiking. There are many nature trails around that you can explore.

Tariff: 1950/- for Double Occupancy
Includes: Breakfast, Morning & Evening Tea
Distance from Delhi: 340 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladungi – Haldwani – Bhowali – Ramgarh – Satbunga – Kasiyalekh – Gangachor – Sunkiya
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5. Dalar Homestay – Binsar

There are very few places to actually stay inside the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and this homestay is one of them. It is located in isolation at 2 km from the road head, in midst of oak and pine forest in the village of Dalar. The village has only eleven families. Santosh Joshi developed this traditional pahari house as a homestay. He lives here with three generations of Joshi family. Santosh is a qualified guide with deep knowledge of the wildlife and hidden trails in the sanctuary. The family loves to welcome nature lovers at their humble abode. Switch off from the outside world, relax and enjoy the tranquility and simple life. Enjoy warm hospitality as the family introduces you to local traditions and treat you to fresh locally grown home-cooked food.

Tariff: 2300/- for Double Occupancy
Includes: Breakfast, Dinner, Morning and Evening tea
Distance from Delhi: 380 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladungi – Bhowali – Almora – Binsar
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6. Rukhla Farmstay

This tastefully done homestay, surrounded by Deodar forests and apple orchards is just 70 kms from Shimla in a small village, Rukhla. It is a result of the hard work and passion of Michael, a British and Devanshe, a native of Rukhla. It’s an ancestral home of Devanshe and was neglected for a long time. The duo decided to wind up everything in Japan where they were living and came to Rukhla in 2016. Since then they have put their soul to create this unique space. Yoga mornings, music concerts, poetry reading sessions, cooking lessons are just some of the many activities that will keep you busy during your stay here. It also has a Billiards Room, a well stocked library, Table Tennis and Badminton court.

Tariff: Starting 1500/- per person
Includes: All Meals and Beverages
Distance from Delhi: 400 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Karnal – Ambala – Kalka – Dharampur – Gumma – Purag – Rukhla
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7. Kais Homestay – Kullu

This lovely homestay lies in the middle of rice fields and Plum orchards in Village Kais near Kullu. It is just 20 kms from Bhuntar airport. Start your day with yoga, eat healthy organic meals and snack on fresh Apricot, Plums, Peach and Apple. Bird-watching, fishing, reading, star gazing and farming are a few activities that will keep you busy here. Nisha and Nirmal Negi will win your heart with their pahari hospitality. The homestay is located in Kais Wildlife Sanctuary that inhabits different types of Bears, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr and Monals among many other species. There are many heritage villages like Jana, Soil and Tandla nearby where you can go on a day hike.

Tariff: 1800/- for Double Occupancy
Includes: Breakfast, Morning and Evening tea
Distance from Delhi: 523 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Ambala – Kurali – Bilaspur – Sundarnagar– Mandi – Bhuntar – Kais
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8. Suma Ropa Homestay – Kasol

Nestled amidst lush green Deodar forest besides burbling Parvati River, this is a soldier’s dream home. Colonel Aj Raina, a decorated veteran of Indian Army, bought this house from a friend in 2012 for his post retirement life. Initially it was his summer home but once he was settled here permanently, he developed it passionately and opened its doors for guests in 2018. Now it takes pride in its military like efficiency and unmatched feel. Home-made food compliments beautiful and serene surroundings, allowing guests to choose between exercising their limbs a bit and simply lazing in cozy corners of the home while the sound voice of Parvati River lures you into a peaceful sleep. It is located just 4 kms before Kasol.

Tariff: 2000/- for Double Occupancy
Includes: Breakfast, Morning and Evening tea
Distance from Delhi: 514 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Ambala – Swarghat – Bilaspur – Sundarnagar – Mandi – Bhuntar – Suma Ropa
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9. 17 Miles Riverside Homestay

​Nestled in apple and plum orchards, this secluded boutique homestay is located in a tranquil little village just 10 kms before Manali. Surrounded by snowclad mountains this is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in the valley. The Beas river flows just next to it. Extremely warm humble and energetic lady Seema started this homestay to welcome people from all walks of life to this dream home of hers. Delicious local food is the highlight of the place. There are many hidden trails around the homestay that you can explore.

Tariff: 3800/- for Double Occupancy
Includes: Breakfast, Morning and Evening Tea
Distance from Delhi: 531 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Ambala – Rupnagar – Bilaspur – Mandi – Bhuntar – Naggar – 17 Miles
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10. Bakrota Hills Homestay – Dalhousie

An exciting 10 minute uphill walk takes you to this 80 year old house located in the midst of a thick canopy of trees with unmatched views. After working across various cities in India, on home-calling Johar Singh came back to Dalhausie to follow his passion of cooking and photography. He started this homestay with a thought of absolute comfort in the lap of nature. With all modern facilities it is a perfect hideout providing amazing views and finger licking food. Johar Singh stays here with his family. Johar’s mother has worked in the hospitality industry for long and his wife is an English teacher in a nearby school.

Tariff: 3600/- for Double Occupancy
Includes: Breakfast, Morning and Evening tea
Distance from Delhi: 569 km
Driving Directions: Delhi – Karnal – Ludhiana – Phagwara – Mukeriyan – Nurpur – Nainikhad – Dalhousie – Bakrota Hills
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